Koopor Plus 200w On Sale

Koopor Plus 200w Available Now

Koopor Plus 200w On Sale

On Sale Now $105.99

The KOOPOR Plus features Dual Driver System and HFDMR (High-Frequency Dynamic Monitoring Resistance) Technology. Considered one of the most accurate temperature-control mods ever made! It provides 200w maximum power and takes dual 18650 batteries that can allow most vapors to enjoy vaping all day! Aside from superb performance, the KOOPOR Plus is the definition of fresh and aesthetic. It’s guaranteed to make heads turn!

Material: Stainless Steel and Zinc Alloy
Output Power: 6w-200w
Output Voltage: 0.35v-8.00v
Resistance Range: 0.08Ω—3.00Ω (Temp Mode)
                                      0.10Ω—3.00Ω (Watt Mode)
Standby Current: < 300µA
Maximum Current: it should be less than 50A when the atomizer resistance is 0.1 ohm.


Temperature Control

Temperature protection between 200°F and 600°F(or 100°C-315°C)

  • Under temp mode, KOOPOR Plus can recognize your coils made of Ni200 alloy, Ti and SS.
  • Be careful to only attach new atomizers that have cooled to room temperature to the mod.
  • When using a new atomizer or reconnect your existing atomizer under temp mode, the KOOPOR Plus will prompt “NEW COIL UP SAME DOWN” to allow you to confirm the change.



Easy Slide Magnetic Battery Cover

Oh, no! Don’t tell me you are still using screwdriver to replace battery. That sucks, doesn’t it? Now, KOOPOR Plus takes magnet-held battery cover. You can simply slide it off and replace battery without tools.


Dual 18650 Batteries for All Day Vaping

The KOOPOR Plus takes dual 18650 batteries that can allow most vapors to enjoy vaping all day!

200w Super Power

It provides variable wattage from 6w to the maximum 200w to give you more freedom to control your vapor!

Koopor Plus 200w On Sale